What is a "Pioneer?"
A pioneer is "someone who prepares the way for others" according to Webster. So, the Pioneer Camp Council is a group of youth and adults who will be preparing the program for camping experiences at Sandia Conference Grounds this summer and beyond.
Are you a Pioneer?
We are looking for any person who:
  • Is enthusiastic about camping activities for all ages.
  • Is a visionary, willing to help plan camping activities, especially for youth.
  • Is a supporter of SMR’s efforts to see the Sandia Conference Grounds used for the good of all.
  • Is a hard worker, willing to plan, prepare, envision, create, and imagine the camping possibilities at the 
       Sandia Conference Grounds.
  • Is an avid outdoors-person and thinks camping is just plain fun!
  • Is a potential candidate for the SMR Pioneer Camp Council!

  • If you would like to find out more, click here to see our flyer or here to contact us.

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